Together against blood cancer: DKMS-typing at Strube

Employees of the plant breeding company Strube supported the DKMS (German Bone Marrow Donation Agency) in their fight against blood cancer with a typing in the company.

In the last week of November at both of Strube's locations, Söllingen and Schlanstedt, a typing took place. In addition to many already registered employees, about 40 employees took the oportunity to register as a stem cell donor with a cheek swab. 

The management agreed to pay the costs of the typing and called on the staff to participate: "I am very pleased that our employees have set a clear sign of helpfulness and humanity", said Martin Reisige, Managing Director of Strube D&S GmbH. "We will also support the commitment of DKMS by donating money."

For affected patients a stem cell donation is their only chance of recovery, but they often do not find a matching donor. That is why a typing is so important: the more donors registered at the DKMS, the higher is the chance for blood cancer patients to find a suitable stem cell donor.

Further information about typing and the work of DKMS can be found at

Numerous employees of the company Strube took the opportunity to be registered as a stem cell donor at the DKMS.
Source: Strube D&S GmbH

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