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Chickpeas from Strube are improving your crop rotation!

In addition to its excellent nutritional properties, chickpea offers numerous agronomic advantages: fixation of nitrogen in the soil and diversification of crop rotation. Strube provides innovative chickpea varieties that are tailored to the requirements of the food industry.

Our variety recommendation for you


  • Good disease tolerance
  • Good yield potential
  • Genetic alternative

Technical advice:

  • Sowing period: April to May
  • Sowing rate: 7 units / ha to achieve a density of 50 plants / m², at 3-4 cm deep and
    40-45 cm between rows. Sow on a dry and heated soil (7-10 °C).
  • Ideally, respect a minimum of 5 years between 2 chickpea crops


75 000 kernels units or 1.8 million kernels big bags


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