Strube - On the way to a sustainable and into the future looking agriculture

Agriculture is facing enormous challenges and very big changes. Longstanding habits are questioned by politics and our society. It will hardly be possible to continue as before. It is expected that a rethinking towards resource-saving cultivation and sustainable production systems will take place in agriculture.

We continue to set out on the path to becoming a future-oriented company with sustainable products and focus on ensuring that our customers can work successfully with the new framework conditions. We would like to report on this topic in our new blog.

Our new vision: future-oriented, economical and sustainable

Blog posts

Solutions to Virus Yellows in sugar beet

#Virus Yellows 12/05/2022

Symposium 2022

#VisionBlue 05/04/2022

BeetControl: Reliable recognition of leaf diseases in sugar beet

#Virus Yellows 03/22/2022

Innovative Phenotyping Tool

#BlueBob 12/16/2021

Strube`s BlueBob® - Project Film 2021

#Virus Yellows 10/18/2021

Introduced: The project's funding regions

#Virus Yellows 09/10/2021

Introduced: The partners of the project

#BlueBob 07/08/2021

Strube robotic on the sugar beet trial field

The BlueBob from Strube

#BlueBob 05/03/2021

Second BlueBob generation started

#VisionBlue 03/29/2021

Certified organic sugar beet varieties

#VisionBlue 03/12/2021

Research generates knowledge: Part 3

#VisionBlue 02/26/2021

Research generates knowledge: Part 2

#VisionBlue 02/12/2021

Research generates knowledge: Part 1

#VisionBlue 12/11/2020

Resistance breeding - a long way to healthy varieties

#VisionBlue 11/19/2020

Increasing importance of quality wheat varieties


#VisionBlue 11/06/2020

Seed treatment as part of VisionBlue


#BlueBob 10/23/2020

New video of the BlueBob: Robotic in action

#BlueBob 10/02/2020

Presentation of the BlueBob in France

#VisionBlue 09/23/2020

New video: Innovation Day Sugar Beet

Strube Saatzucht - Innovationstag Zuckerrübe - Stationen

#VisionBlue 09/18/2020

Innovation Day Sugar Beet - "THE BEET GOES ON"

Strube - Trial areas for field robots

#BlueBob 09/10/2020

Sugar beet trial areas for field robots

Strube Saatzucht - BlueBob

#BlueBob 09/01/2020

First Prototyp: BlueBob picture gallery