Strube Innovationen

We make seed quality

Well-positioned and internationally active – first-class seed quality is the basis for a good crop. We want to be sure that we supply our customers with only the best seeds. This is why we subject our seed to test methods, which we develop ourselves in many research projects with partners and European seed quality research institutes.

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New method: The PhenoTest determines the germination and the vigour of the seed.

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Seedinspector and CT

Examination of the sugar beet seeds with high-performance micro-computer tomography (CT).

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2D-X-ray images with automatic image analysis

First 2D reconstruction of the seed based on X-ray images.

We look at the field

Our statements about our sugar beets can withstand scientific investigation. Based on various tests, we investigate how well the predictions on the germination and growing capacities from our lab tests are reflected in reality. We know the influencing parameters. And we can therefore continue to improve the quality of our seeds.

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The PhenoFieldBot is a self-navigating vehicle with a camera system for the image-based analysis of plants.

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The BlueMobil is a technology for trials to ensure plot harvesting with simultaneous sampling.

We want more

Our scientific curiosity reaches beyond seed quality research. We are always looking for new approaches to optimise operations and we participate in various research projects.

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Hyperspectral scanner

The hyperspectral scanner is a programme for early diagnosis of disease.

Strube Weber Wanne biogas stone separation facility

Weber cleaner

The Weber cleaner is a stone separation facility for sugar beets for biogas production.