Sugar beet seedling

Strube provides quality seed

The trade mark of Strube’s sugar beet seed is an extraordinary seed quality which is evident in its high and uniform field emergence. Thanks to our intense research into seed quality, we can guarantee that our seed boxes contain only the best seed.

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Vigorous under all field conditions: sugar beet plants need a good start to their growing life to deliver high yields. Every single pellet has to be equipped optimally to germinate quickly and with high vigour. A homogenous field emergence is only possible when all the seedlings are robust and develop synchronously into highly productive sugar beet populations.

With sugar beet seed from Strube you get:

  • High germination capacity
  • Vigour
  • Seed health
  • Stress tolerance and field resilience
  • Rapid emergence

Strube applies extraordinary care

We control and supervise every single stage of production to produce sugar beet seed that meets the highest standards. The seeds undergo a complex process chain. This starts with the multiplication of the seed in three European regions, which offer the best conditions for this purpose. All seed is processed at our headquarters in Germany, where we monitor the seed processing very closely. We identify and select only the best seed. Only about 20 per cent of the initial raw material will meet our quality requirements and will be processed further, resulting in a first-class product.

For 50 years we have been researching the physiology of sugar beet seed, its germination and field emergence with modern scientific methods. We have developed innovative analyses and highly accurate and sensitive measurement technologies for field trials, as well as laboratory tests. We use modern computer tomography to control the seed quality during every production stage. We can track, measure and visualise how the single seed grows and develops into a sugar beet ready for harvest.

The advantage for the farmer – 3Dplus

3D seed has been primed to promote early development of the sugar beets’ leaf apparatus.

Weather conditions are not always favourable for sugar beet field emergence. To counter these difficult conditions, Strube has developed 3Dplus priming. 3Dplus supports and accelerates the germination process of the sugar beet seed. We use a special treatment to carefully bring the seed into the state of germination. The hygroscopic pelleting mixture will start absorbing moisture immediately after sowing. Thus, 3Dplus seed will emerge in the field up to three days earlier. 3Dplus priming has proven itself especially valuable when the conditions for emergence were difficult.

The faster the field emergence, the better the sugar beet’s development:

  • With every day gained by early emergence, the sugar yield will increase.
  • Early development of the leaf apparatus will help to suppress weeds.
  • The seedlings experience less stress when the field emergence period is of short duration.


The seedling is quite sensitive to a number of conditions during the time of field emergence. The germination process can be compromised by abiotic stresses such as excess water, low soil temperatures or frost and unfavourable soil structure. Fungi or animal pests cause biotic stress that can also delay growth and lead to plant loss.

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