Storage of 3Dplus seed

Storing primed sugar beet seed requires demands special attention. This is because the seed has already been prepared for germination - but the germination process has been stopped. For this reason, sugar beet seed should always be used in the year it has been bought and delivered. Only then can we guarantee quick and homogenous field emergence after sowing. We know that despite careful planning, there can always be a residual amount of seed left. These leftovers should be stored as follows:

  1. Loose seed should be removed from the drilling machine as soon as possible, even if the drilling has to be interrupted for just a few days.
  2. The leftover seed should be stored in an airtight plastic bag, for example: closed with a cable tie. We recommend that the original label, which records the details such as the variety name and the seed's specifications, is kept as well as the date when storing started.
  3. Store the seed in a dry and cool environment. Damp barns or cellars are not suitable. The temperature should never exceed 15°C and should be as constant as possible.
  4. Opened seed units can also be stored. Please close the lid as tightly as possible, e.g. with tape. The seed box should be placed in a plastic bag and sealed airtight.
  5. If in doubt, please let the germination capacity be tested before sowing.