Strube - sugar beet field

BeetControl - The new Strube app for sugar beet growers

BeetControl is a smartphone app for the precise analysis and prognosis of leaf diseases in sugar beet. It determines whether a sugar beet field is already affected and predicts, how the infestation will develop. The app assists farmers to correctly assess the infestation situation in order to initiate plant protection measures at the right time. This may allow the optimisation and reduction of treatments.

The app uses current photos of the sugar beet field and links this information with weather data, risk area assessment and resistance properties of the specific sugar beet variety. The artificial intelligence model implemented in the BeetControl app then determines the infestation situation and how it will likely develop at this location. The app also uses the weather forecast for this prognosis. If damage thresholds have been exceeded in a defined area, the app can alarm the farmer via push notifications. In this way, BeetControl offers every farmer a very individual early warning system for their own location.

The current version of BeetControl can already provide the diagnosis and prognosis for Cercospora. In further updates, the tool can also be used for analysing ramularia, powdery mildew and rust.


The app is easy and intuitive to use. BeetControl is available for the iOS and Android operating systems in different languages: