Strube sugar beet sprout in hand. A field in the background
Strube seed sugarbeet pelleting
Farmer and Strube consultant next to the harvester and the harvested sugar beets

Sugar beet varieties from Strube

In our varieties we combine outstanding sugar content, consistently high yield potential, strong disease resistances and stress tolerance. This combination gives our customers the benefit of the best sugar beet prices and profits. Our sugar beet varieties meet the demands of farmers and sugar companies alike.

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For more information please contact:

Richard Cogman
General Manager
T 07983 314424

Sweet and a high yield potential - sugar beets by Strube

Strube Breeding: Sugar beet cuttings germinate in a test tube

Our breeding work: high quality, healthy and high yielding varieties

We focus our breeding on characteristics, that allow the growers an economic sugarbeet cultivation. These characteristics include resistances as well as sugar content.

Production: Strube seed boxes in the packaging line

Strube’s high quality standards: The best is only just good enough for us

Up to 3.000t of sugar beet seeds are conditioned annually at Strube. We focus on high quality standards and select exactly the seed that meets our requirements.

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The farmer and cultivation adviser inspect the sugar beet in the field

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