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Our scientific curiosity

Research has a major importance at Strube. With experienced scientists and ultramodern technical equipment, we advance progress in plant breeding at our research centre in Schlanstedt, Gemany. We develop high quality, healthy and high-yielding varieties by using ultramodern technologies.

Part of a sugar beet plant in a test tube

Numerous biotechnological methods are now integrated as tools into our classical breeding operations. These techniques accelerate our work with a high level of precision, offering reliable benchmarks for the selection of suitable plants and hybrids.

Breeding with foresight

As plant breeders we must look far into the future, because the development of a new variety usually takes more than 10 years. We are already trying to predict what properties our products should have in 20 years and what requirements might be placed on plant production in the future, always endeavouring to give due consideration to regional characteristics such as climate and disease profiles: our varieties are ideally adapted to the respective growing regions.

Breeding at Strube

Our research and development activities

The sugar beet seedling is broken up into small pieces with a scalpel


We are currently breeding the crops sugar beet and wheat.

Biotechnologist von Strube is in the laboratory


Here you can find information about our biotechnological advances.

 Well filled sugar beet seed that has been cut through

Seed quality research

What we do to make our seeds even more better for you.