Strube sugar beet sprout in hand. A field in the background
Strube seed sugarbeet pelleting
Farmer and Strube consultant next to the harvester and the harvested sugar beets


Energy - Type

Biogas from sugar beet represents an interesting new revenue opportunity for sugar beet growers, and with bartens there’s a real opportunity to exploit this growing sugar beet market.

Key Strengths

Proven and stable

Excellent establishment

High dry matter yields of high quality substrate, ideal for biogas production

High quality plants with very large tops

Clean well-shaped low-tare roots for easier harvesting

High quality seed that delivers excellent establishment, essential for high yields and high quality sugar beet

Plant Characteristics

Resistances / Tolerances Resistance - Rizomania
Type Energy
Sugar Yield high
Particularity Proven and stable Excellent establishment
Date of harvest