BeetControl – the new sugar beet diagnosis app made by Strube

Detect, measure and predict – the new app BeetControl developed by Strube can do all that. The app is equipped with artificial intelligence, which helps sugar beet growers to correctly diagnose the infestation situation. Moreover, the app gives treatment recommendations. The current version is fully operational with regard to Cercospora. More diseases will be added successively.

BeetControl is a smartphone app that enables the user to precisely analyse and predict whether a sugar beet stand is affected by leaf diseases and how the infestation will develop. Approximately 100 leaves must be photographed frontally via the app's camera function. With the help of these current images and in conjunction with weather data and resistance properties of the cultivated variety, artificial intelligence calculates the current infestation situation and how the infestation will develop at this location within the next 14 days due to weather conditions. In addition to determining the infestation frequency, the system also estimates the infestation intensity. Each individual leaf is rated by the system with the rating classes from 1 to 9 and then the average value over all 100 leaves is given as the result. The result of this analysis helps the farmer to initiate plant protection measures at the right time. This may also allow the number of treatments to be reduced and the use of plant protection products to be optimised.


"With BeetControl, we are able to offer the sugar beet grower a significant plus. Through the precise analysis, the forecast as well as the treatment recommendations, the app is a valuable supporting tool", Martin Reisige, Managing Director at Strube D&S, is pleased to say. Based on the threshold value model, the app determines the frequency of occurrence on a time-specific basis. The farmer gets informed by the ap whether the threshold value for a treatment has been exceeded or not. Push messages can also be sent to other farmers in the vicinity with one click if, for example, the forecast result of a farmer indicates that the threshold value has been exceeded.

BeetControl is available for the iOS and Android operating systems and is available internationally in various languages. The current app version can diagnose and predict infestations of Cercospora. In future updates, the tool will also be available for analysing infestations of Ramularia, powdery mildew and rust. Within the framework of a cooperation with Südzucker AG, the artificial intelligence was trained and further developed with the knowledge of experts throughout Europe.

You can find more information about the app on our website. Beetcontrol is for free in a reduced Version in the AppStore and GooglePlaystore. An extended version can be bought by 6.99 Euro as In App Sales.

BeetControl App on mobile phone
Source: Strube D&S GmbH

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