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Weber cleaner

Because of their composition, sugar beet are very well suited for biogas production. This is due both to their favourable properties for the fermentation process and their high dry matter yields.

However, the soil tare and the high stone content represent a challenge for biogas production with beet. We have developed a simple solution for this: The Weber cleaner for mobile stone separation from sugar beet. The functional principle is as simple as it is ingenious, and makes use of the different densities of stones and beet. It makes use of a saline solution, where the stones sink to the bottom and the beet float at the top. The kainite solution can be spread as fertiliser on the field afterwards.

Weber cleaner live

Our innovations


The phenoTest is an automated, patented testing method for 4D-phenotyping.


The phenoFieldBot is a self-navigating vehicle with a camera system for the image-based analysis of plants.

Seedinspector and CT

Examination of the beet seeds with high-throughput micro-computer tomography (CT).

Strube 2D-Röntgen Rübenknäule

2D X-ray images with automatic image analysis

First two-dimensional reconstruction of the seed based on X-ray images.


The BlueMobil is a technology for trial and plot harvesting with simultaneous sampling.

Hyperspectral scanner

The hyperspectral scanner is a programme for early diagnosis of disease.

Weber cleaner

The Weber cleaner is a stone separation facility for sugar beets for biogas production.