Strube Innovationen

Seedinspector and micro-computer tomography (CT)

During the conditioning process, we look directly inside the seed. Using our own 3D micro-computer technology, we examine the tissues of the raw seeds. The CT results show which seeds are filled and have a well-developed embryo capable of germination. We use these results for the processing of our commercial seeds. It allows non-destructive selection of the seeds with the best seed quality.

The properties of the seeds are determined by the external conditions during growing. However, some characteristics are defined genetically. For this reason, we share our knowledge with our breeding partner Strube Research. In this way, we can also improve the quality of our seed through breeding.

CT fast track procedure: With the SeedInspector, a further development of the CT, we analyse the seed fully automatically. The lab robot supplies itself and examines the seed with a high throughput.

Our innovations


The PhenoTest is an automated, patented testing method for 4D-phenotyping.


The PhenoBob is a self-navigating vehicle with a camera system for the image-based analysis of plants.

Seedinspector and CT

Examination of the beet seeds with high-throughput micro-computer tomography (CT).

Strube 2D-Röntgen Rübenknäule

2D X-ray images with automatic image analysis

First two-dimensional reconstruction of the seed based on X-ray images.


The BlueMobil is a technology for trial and plot harvesting with simultaneous sampling.

Hyperspectral scanner

The hyperspectral scanner is a programme for early diagnosis of disease.

Weber cleaner

The Weber cleaner is a stone separation facility for sugar beets for biogas production.