Field with blooming chickpeas

Variety Information

  General description


2013, France


Top Semence


8 mm

  Grain colour

Dark beige

  Grain aspect

Round to angular

Varietal characteristics


Excellent (9/10)

  Soil covering

Excellent (9.5/10)


Medium tall (60-70 cm)

  Plant habit


  Anthracnose resistance (Ascochyta rabiei)

Very good (8/10)

  Lodging resistance

Excellent (9/10)

  Emergence vigour

Very good

  Seed shedding

Extremely low (0.5/10)

  Earliness at flowering


  Earliness at harvesting



Performance characteristics


Good potential

  Protein content

22-24 %

  Thousand kernels weight

300 g

The information provided in this table is for guidance only and may vary according to climatic, soil and ecological conditions and cultivation techniques. Disease resistance refers to diseases or strains currently known and studied in Germany and France. Strube D&S GmbH.