Seed is a promise

Seeds are close to our hearts.

They reveal a promise and our values.

We believe them to be positive catalysts for an optimistic and sustainable future.

That’s why, we invest heavily in breeding research, so that way we can provide practical, innovative, multigenic solutions.

This entire process starts by listening to and engaging with farmers.

We are here to help them improve their performance in the field to provide a fresh perspective for a better future.

It’s all about leveraging science to improve agricultural production without forgetting the most important dimension: people.

With the help of farmers and other partners, we can start by breeding, progress together.

Strube seed - our Locations and history

Our Locations

From an agricultural holding in Schlanstedt, Upper Saxony, to an international plant breeder and seed producer with headquarter in Söllingen, Lower Saxony: our history and locations.

Strube seed - career

Be part of our team

Whether in the office, in the field or in the laboratory - with a lot of passion and know-how, around 400 employees work day by day to offer our customers the best varieties.

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  • Customer proximity
Sales partner on the way to a meeting

Strube sales partners

Seed all over the world

We offer international consultation about our seeds. You can purchase our seeds through various channels in 35 countries. In countries where we are unrepresented, our partners are happy to assist our customers. They provide support and advice, so that the farmers and industry can select the right variety for their requirements. We also offer knowledgeable and individual on-site consultations during the growing period, right on the field.  


Finished seed packaging on a pallet


From multiplication to the pellet

We want to provide you with excellent seeds. To achieve this, we work hand-in-hand with our partners. It starts with the seed multiplication, which is performed by experienced companies and farmers in France and Italy, and ends with the seed conditioning, and for sugar beets, pelleting, by our long-term partner in Germany.

Our partners
Tractor works the soil

Customer proximity

The company's roots

To this day, we work intensively with the agricultural sector. This allows us to understand the challenges of modern crop production and to know what drives our customers. Partnership brings us closer to our mutual goal - maximum success with optimal quality. 

Our history

Strube in numbers