In view of the requirements imposed on agriculture by climate change, the growing world population, and the increasing shortage of resources, we as seed company Strube are shifting our focus. Under the name of VisionBlue, we are concentrating on all projects and campaigns that have to do with resource-saving growth. The aim is to establish a form of sugar beet cultivation which is profitable and sustainable under altered framework conditions at the same time.

But it is not only increasing regulations and bans that make the profitable cultivation of cultivated species more difficult. The constantly changing climate and extreme weather conditions also present new challenges for many farmers. In addition, the progressive loss of the effect of crop protection products and the associated increase in diseases is not an optimal condition for successful agriculture. Due to pathogens are becoming increasingly resistant, which in turn increases the demands on breeding as tolerances become necessary more quickly.

The numerous and sometimes contradictory requirements on agriculture can be depressing and have also led to an outcry in our sector. As a plant breeding company, we have been asking ourselves many strategic questions in recent months: How will our customers work with our products in the future? How can we help our customers to achieve resource-saving and economically successful cultivation with seeds from our company?

“When the wind of change blows, some build walls and others windmills”, says an old Chinese proverb. We have decided to choose the last option. From many questions, we developed goals and a corporate strategy, which we call VisionBlue. We want to make sustainable and resource-saving cultivation possible - to achieve this, we must do the right things now.

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BeetControl: Reliable recognition of leaf diseases in sugar beet

BeetControl is a smartphone app that allows for the analysis and prognosis of a possible infection with sugar beet leaf diseases in the field. The app accurately predicts the further development of the infestation. BeetControl has been designed to help farmers to assess the infestation situation…


Certified organic sugar beet varieties

We have been offering our customers certified organic sugar beet seed for organic farming since 2007. At that time, Strube was the only supplier of organic sugar beet varieties on the market. Even though the certification of organic sugar beet is carried out under strict conditions, we have…


Research generates knowledge: Part 3

In a further part of our blog series "Research generates knowledge" you will get an interesting insight into the research project PILTON - Establishing multiple and permanent fungal tolerance in wheat using new breeding methods:

This research project aims to develop wheat plants with improved,…


Research generates knowledge: Part 2

Our blog series "Research generates knowledge" continues. Look forward to the presentation of the exciting research project ENABLE - Establishment of New Breeding Techniques in Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris L.) for Genome Editing:

New breeding techniques including genome editing through site-specific…


Research generates knowledge: Part 1

As a seed breeder for various crops, such as sugar beet or wheat, we are also involved in many research projects with our employees. By working with a wide range of partners, we can pursue our goal of developing innovative technologies in scientific projects. This commitment enables us to gain the…


Resistance breeding - a long way to healthy varieties

Sustainability in agriculture also means preserving the diversity of living beings and organisms. At this point the resistance of a crop has a high importance, a strong resistance enables the plant to cope better in the field with harmful pathogens and fungi without the need for plant protection…


Increasing importance of quality wheat varieties

Wheat is one of the most important crops for farmers. Unfortunately, the qualities of wheat are significantly influenced by the change in the fertiliser ordinance. The protein content plays an important role in wheat production because it is ultimately the value of the grain that is measured. Lower…


Seed treatment as part of VisionBlue

The project

In 2018, the first activities for alternative seed treatment in sugar beet were initiated. In this project, experts from the departments of seed quality, breeding and product management are focusing on various themes. For example, an important topic is - what influence…


New video: Innovation Day Sugar Beet

In our new video you can get an overview of the different stations of the Sugar Beet Innovation Day. Look forward to interesting and exciting impressions.

Here you can find the film.

Further information about the Innovation Day can also be found in the following blog post: Innovation Day Sugar…

Strube Saatzucht - Innovationstag Zuckerrübe - Stationen

Innovation Day Sugar Beet - "THE BEET GOES ON"

Under the slogan "THE BEET GOES ON" we presented our sustainable and innovative projects at the Innovation Day Sugar Beet. The projects were presented on the field at five stations. The focus of the presentations was the developed robots PhenoFieldBot and BlueBob. The PhenoFieldBot is already fully…