Field with flowering vining peas
Field with sweet peas and field sign with the variety welland
Field with ripe Vining peas from Strube

Garden Pea


The vining pea tomahawk is recognizable by double pods with 8 homogeneous medium-sized peas. The beautiful color and the medium AIS value underline the characteristics of this variety.

Key Strengths

Determinate first early afila variety with good standing ability.

Double pods with 8 uniform medium sieve peas with low-medium AIS and good colour.

Reliable yields and performance across humid to semi-arid areas.

Good field performance against diseases.

Variety Performance

Leaf Type Afila
Heat Units 685
Nodes to First Bloom 9
Plant Height (cm) 45
Pods/Peduncle 2
Peas/Pod 8
Percent distribution
at 100 TR (in %)
VF - 5-7,5 5
F - 8,5-8,75 25
M - 8,75-10,2 60
L - >10,2 10
Disease resistance Fusarium wilt races 1

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