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Agriculture is facing major challenges. We want to work hand in hand with the farmers to ensure their sustainable and economic success. Every project, action and campaign that is particularly dedicated towards sustainability and resource conservation in agriculture, is focused under the name VisionBlue®.

Strube Seed cultivation - Sugar beet thrives in the field

The key here is practice-oriented and sustainable plant breeding, which among other things develops varieties with powerful resistances and vigour. These varieties are resistant to the diseases relevant to your region. Thus, you may be able to reduce pesticide application. Meanwhile, we are constantly optimising our seed quality by using our innovative test procedures and analysis methods. Our range of services is topped off by our competent team of consultants who will give you advice concerning varieties and region-specific cultivation. With Strube, you can rely on one thing: Our seed is of excellent quality and ensures high yields with best properties. For your sustainable, economic success.

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We offer first class seeds. Powerful, resilient varieties that impress with their vitality and reliability. Our products currently include sugar beets, wheat, sunflowers, vining peas and sweet corn. This high-quality product range includes 256 varieties for every growing situation. And above all, it ensures one thing: maximum yield in the best quality. To keep it that way in the future, we apply the latest methods of crossing and selection technology. The result: particularly robust, site-adapted resistance and tolerance breeds that defy climate change and require as little plant protection as possible.

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Recommendations from our customers

Johannes von Laer, farmer from Ingeleben, Germany

Johannes von Laer

Farm manager, Ingeleben in Lower Saxony, Germany


“The winter wheat varieties from Strube possess properties that make them the perfect choice for my farm. The varieties are diverse and healthy and have high yield potentials. It gives me an extra of flexibility and safety, that the resistances are regionally validated.”

Farmer Reinhard Unverzagt and daughter Svenja from Groß Lafferde

Reinhard Unverzagt with his daughter Svenja

Farmers from Groß Lafferde in Lower Saxony, Germany


“The new sugar beet variety orpheus keeps its promise: it is healthy from root to leaf.

The lush leaves of orpheus are an eye catcher in our fields."

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Progress through research.

High-performance varieties and the highest seed quality are important to us. That is why we are constantly developing innovative test procedures and analysis methods in order to continuously improve our seed quality. We use a wide variety of techniques: two-dimensional X-rays, micro-computed tomography, laser light section and near-infrared spectral measurement (NIRS). However, our innovative strength goes far beyond seed quality research. We also rely on digital technologies and robotics to contribute to efficient and sustainable management of agricultural land.

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Dr. Michael Stange, Head of sugar beet breeding

Dr Michael Stange

Head of sugar beet breeding


“Climate change is of great importance to us breeders. Higher temperatures and a lack of precipitation mean stress for the sugar beet. Stress makes it more susceptible for the new pests are emerging. Therefore, we place particular emphasis on tolerance and resistance breeding in addition to breeding goals that enhance yield and other properties that are important for the marketing and processing of the sugar beets. Varieties that are particularly good at dealing with new diseases, new pests or drought, for example, are clearly future varieties.”

Breeder Dr Wessam Akel

Breeder Dr Wessam Akel

Head of wheat breeding


“Under changing climatic conditions and increased plant resistance to pests and diseases, combined with the requirement to be less reliant on crop protection products, new plant varieties must provide crop management solutions to sustain yield and quality.


Our development strategy combines modern technology with the traditional principles of plant breeding for sustainable agriculture, to achieve our objectives for breeding, testing, and releasing of new varieties adapted to a range of increasing environmental pressures.


Since 1877, our quest to bring the best wheat varieties to farmers is never-ending.”

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Always by your side.

Supporting you with our experience and professional knowledge is of utmost importance to us. Our team of experts consists of farmers and agricultural engineers who will give comprehensive advice about seed quality, varieties, and sustainable, region-specific cultivation. For this, they do not only rely on their own experience, but also on the results of Strubes’ numerous field trials, for example field trials with phased sowing dates, test harvesting on different dates or new varieties.

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