wilson and clemens are Strube’s new sugar beet varieties

On February 7th 2019, the Federal Plant Variety Office approved two new sugar beet varieties for the Söllinger seed company Strube after two years of testing.

The new variety wilson complements the German portfolio in the segment of sugar-rich varieties. "wilson is the result of our Z-type research efforts. The variety shines especially with its very high sugar content and excellent leaf disease tolerance. wilson is the sweetest variety in our product range," outlines Dr. Thomas Engels, Sales Manager Central Europe at the seed company Strube.

wilson accumulates sugar already early in the vegetation period and does it effectively until late in the campaign. Thus, this variety is best suited for all harvest  dates. With the combination of highest sugar content and average beet yields, wilson achieves high sugar yields and remains particularly stable under extreme weather conditions. Another positive feature of the variety is the pronounced Aphanomyces tolerance.

The second new variety in Strube's portfolio is clemens. This is a yield-stable N-type, which convinces with a very high beet and sugar yield. clemens is particularly suitable for later harvest dates from mid-October. In addition, this new sugar beet variety has a very low amino-N content value.

"wilson and clemens are meeting the demands of both, the sugar industry and the growers for sweet varieties,for N-types with highest root and sugar yields, and Wilson is a step forward to leaf disease tolerant varieties," says Dr. Thomas Engels further.


Strube seed new varieties clemens and wilson
Source: Strube D&S GmbH

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