Approved: Our new sugar beet varieties are rigoletto and clarion

On February 4th, the Bundessortenamt in Hanover approved the future-oriented varieties rigoletto and clarion. clarion is the first variety from Strube with the RzX gene for protection against strong rhizomania. rigoletto delivers the highest yields both with and without fungicide treatment.


Strube's new sugar beet variety clarion is, thanks to its strong resistance to rhizomania, the variety for yield security at all locations with high rhizomania pressure or resistance-breaking rhizomania isolates. The new N/Z type also presents itself as a healthy leaf variety in the field thanks to its good cercospora and very good rust tolerance. In addition, clarion proves very high yields even under SBR and yellowing virus attack. “With clarion we can add a variety to the Strube range that can withstand the highest levels of disease pressure due to its strong resistance to rizomania. Their additional stability against SBR makes them particularly interesting for cultivation areas in southern Germany. " Dr Thomas Engels, Sales Manager Central Europe at Strube.

The Bundessortenamt has also approved rigoletto. The N/Z type generates the highest yields at all locations, even on areas with high infestation of leaf diseases such as Cercospora or beet rust. The excellent combination of yield performance and leaf health offers many options: “rigoletto achieves maximum Ber. Sugar yields. With this we are taking a further step towards sustainable sugar beet cultivation.” emphasizes Dr Thomas Engels. A high sugar content and a low standard molasses loss continue to represent the new variety. Furthermore, rigoletto impresses with its genetically determined high bolt resistance.

Our new varieties rigoletto and clarion in the field
Source: Strube D&S GmbH

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