Strube D&S starts construction of new seed processing plant

A more effective workflow and the improvement of the work envi-ronment: in constructing a new seed processing plant for the breeding material of sugar beet, plant breeding company Strube D&S takes another step towards sustainability.

With an investment sum of around 7.5 million euros, a very special new hall is being built on 2,200 square metres at the headquarters of Strube D&S in Söllingen: the so-called “Elitespeicher”. In the future, even the smallest batches of sugar beet seeds will be processed here in a state-of-the-art seed processing facility.

Before commercial seeds for approved varieties can be processed on a large scale, a lot of time and resources have already flown into the development of new, disease- and pest-tolerant sugar beet varieties. The elite seeds for this breeding process must undergo an intensive quality check during processing. This happens in the “elite storage”. Only the highest quality seeds are made available for breeding and later sale.

“Like our entire company, the technical infrastructure on the company premises has grown, expanded and evolved over the past few decades. During this ‘organic growth’, some structures have emerged that are no longer efficient, but that cost us a lot of manpower and energy. In the new elite storage facility, we can give a new structure to an important part of our processes,” explains Managing Director Martin Reisige. “In addition to creating a smoother workflow of elite seeds processing, it was important to us to create a bright and dust-free working environment for the employees,” continues Martin Reisige.

On July 21st, after many months of planning, the groundbreaking ceremony was carried out. An important moment for the managing director, who brought the architects ARC and energydesign braunschweig GmbH on board for the sustainable realisation of the building project. In line with the corporate strategy Vision-Blue®, this new building is developed and designed according to the criteria of the German Society for Sustainable Building (DGNB). This includes sustainable building materials, noise protection, employee well-being and energy efficiency.

A glimpse into the future: The modern processing hall for the elite seeds.
A glimpse into the future: The modern processing hall for the elite seeds.
Strube- groundbreaking for the new elite storage facility
Sleeves up for the groundbreaking ceremony: (from left to right) Jörn Domeier (member of the state parliament), Martin Hartmann (mayor), Jürgen C. Knolle (partner Strube D&S), Martin Reisige (managing director Strube D&S), Lena Düpont (Europe MP), Veronika Koch (member of the state parliament) and Gerhard Radeck (district administrator).
Source: Strube D&S GmbH

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