Research project: PILTON - Establishing multiple and durable fungal disease tolerance in wheat through the latest breeding methods

This research project aims to develop wheat plants with improved, multiple and durable fungal tolerance through new breeding methods. This is reflected in the project name: Fungal tolerance of wheat by new breeding methods (“Pilztoleranz von Weizen mittels neuer Züchtungsmethoden” = PILTON).

New breeding methods are said to have great potential to shorten the development of plant varieties with improved characteristics for resource-efficient and productive agriculture. The project will investigate how fungus-tolerant wheat can significantly reduce the use of plant protection products. In addition, the project will also address the question of how currently available genome editing technologies, such as CRISPR/Cas, can be used by small and medium-sized plant breeding companies in particular in view of existing property rights.

Quelle: BDP-Online

Source: Strube D&S GmbH

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