Research article

Samathmika Ravi 1, Mahdi Hassani 2, Bahram Heidari 3 , Saptarathi Deb 1, Elena Orsini 4, Jinquan Li 4, Christopher M. Richards 5 , LeeW. Panella 5, Subhashini…

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Fyler about our new BlueBob

Prototype for a chopping robot for mechanical weed control in sugar beets.

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Kim Jana Dudenbostel (new Head of Sales for Central Europe, Strube D&S GmbH) and retiring Dr Thomas Engels. (©Strube D&S GmbH)

In the course of a generation change, Ms. Kim Jana Dudenbostel will take on the position of Head of Sales for Central Europe at plant breeder Strube D&S GmbH.…

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Strube Vining Peas brochure 2021

Detailed information on the properties and cultivation of high-performance vining peas varieties from Strube.

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Strube sweet corn brochure

Information on characteristics of the variety portfolio of sweet corn as well as on advisers from Strube.

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Scientific paper NIRS

Leilane C. Barreto, Rosa Martínez-Arias and Axel Schechert.               
Strube Research GmbH & Co. KG, 38838 Schlanstedt, Germany 

Rhizoctonia root and…

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Sunflower varieties

Find out more about our sunflower varieties.

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Doubled-haploid (DH)​​​​​​​ technology significantly accelerates wheat breeding. This is achieved, in the lab and the greenhouse, by regeneration of pure…

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BeetControl app identifies digitally leaf diseases in sugar beets.

Strube D&S GmbH and Südzucker AG are launching a joint cooperation for the further development of the new BeetControl app, which digitally identifies leaf…

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A glimpse into the future: The modern processing hall for the elite seeds.

A more effective workflow and the improvement of the work envi-ronment: in constructing a new seed processing plant for the breeding material of sugar beet,…

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