Innovation Day Sugar Beet - "THE BEET GOES ON"

Under the slogan "THE BEET GOES ON" we presented our sustainable and innovative projects at the Innovation Day Sugar Beet. The projects were presented on the field at five stations. The focus of the presentations was the developed robots PhenoFieldBot and BlueBob. The PhenoFieldBot is already fully developed and is used to count, measure and for phenotyping young sugar beet plants in the field. Our BlueBob is a prototype for an electrically operated, autonomously navigating field robot for mechanical weed control in sugar beets. It can do this both between rows and in the row. The mode of operation has already been presented in single-row weeding operation.

In addition to technical presentations on the PhenoTest, the automated test procedure for 4D phenotyping of seedlings, the mobile analysis laboratory BlueMobil also provided explanations on quality analysis with near infrared spectral analysis (NIRS). Digital technology was also presented in the development of a smartphone app for the diagnosis and prognosis of cercospora infection. The programme was rounded off with a presentation of sugar beet varieties.

The entire event took place in compliance with an elaborated hygiene concept and with a very limited number of people. It was an exciting day, which showed that developments in the sugar beet sector are constantly progressing. #THEBEETGOESON