BeetControl: Reliable recognition of leaf diseases in sugar beet

BeetControl is a smartphone app that allows for the analysis and prognosis of a possible infection with sugar beet leaf diseases in the field. The app accurately predicts the further development of the infestation. BeetControl has been designed to help farmers to assess the infestation situation correctly and thus to initiate the right plant protection measures at the right time. In this way, the app helps to reduce treatments and to optimise the use of plant protection products. Using photos from the sugar beet field, as well as weather data, information about risk areas and the known tolerance properties of the specific sugar beet variety in the field, the AI model calculates the current state of infestation and gives an accurate forecast about the future development. The current version of BeetControl provides the accurate assessment and forecast for Cersospora infestations.

In further updates the tool can also be used for the analysis of: Ramularia, Powdery mildow, and Rust.

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