Sugar beet trial areas for field robots

Again, we have sown our sugar beet seed on the trial plots for our field robots. In this article we would like to inform you about the details of the summer sowing.

Why was another sowing carried out?

We need young plants from the in the period between field emergence to the canopy closure, as the BlueBob is to be used for weeding during this period. Beets sown in spring have now reached a stage where the robot cannot work between rows without damaging the leaves.

When and under what conditions did the sowing take place?

The sowing of sugar beet took place several times this year. Various test fields were sown between spring and summer. The beets were sown with the help of RTK at a row spacing of 45 cm and a distance in the row of 20 cm. During the summer months, the seed quality research team ensured that the soil was kept moist to ensure homogenous sugar beet crops. They had to rely on artificial irrigation because of low rainfall in recent weeks.

For more impressions of the trial field please look in the photo gallery: