BlueBob – mechanical weed management by robot

We started the BlueBob project early to develop an alternative to chemical weed control. To realise this project, we initiated a cooperation with the Fraunhofer Development Center X-ray Technology EZRT and Naïo Technologies, the leader in agricultural robotics solutions. The aim of the project is the development of an autonomous mechanical weeding robot in sugar beets. The first prototype of the BlueBobs was already presented in 2020 and the second prototype of the BlueBob is already weeding on the sugar beet fields this spring.

But we came up with this idea not only because it would make sense to do it now. For a medium-sized company such as we are it is important to invest in the future in a far-reaching and sustainable method, but without risking any economic adventures.

In our seed quality research department, we have been working with algorithms and artificial intelligence for a long time. With the PhenoTest, for example, we have already developed an automated germination capacity and driving force analysis, and with the PhenoBob we have a robot in use that carries out field emergence counts and phenotyping of sugar beet. Thus, we have already developed important elements that are also necessary for the weeding robot. Therefore, the project idea did not seem particularly abstract to us, but realistic and feasible.

The BlueBob will make an active input to sustainable agricultural methods that are in line with current social, environmental, and economic expectations. In this blog we will take you on a journey and report, among other things, on the progress of the project "autonomous weed control" and give you the opportunity to actively follow the BlueBob development processes. You can look forward to interesting articles and posts.



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Strube`s BlueBob® - Project Film 2021

This year, many tests with our weeding robot have been successfully carried out and the next project steps have been reached on time.

Our new project film gives an insight into the BlueBob® project: It shows you how the robot works, the technology used and the next milestones:


Strube robotic on the sugar beet trial field

High technology in agriculture: Ahead, our second BlueBob prototype hoes the weeds out of the beet. Followed by PhenoBob, which counts and measures young sugar beet plants.

The BlueBob from Strube

Second BlueBob generation started

This spring, the second prototype of the BlueBob is weeding in the sugar beet fields. The next generation of the BlueBob prototype robot is a six-row, fully electric and autonomously navigating field robot, for mechanical weed control in sugar beets between the first two leaves stage and canopy…


New video of the BlueBob: Robotic in action

360 ° view of the BlueBob 

In the following Video you can take a closer look at our BlueBob:


Presentation of the BlueBob in France

23 September was a day marked in France not only by a change in the weather, but above all by innovations in sustainable beet cultivation. The demonstration of the BlueBob robot took place under changing weather conditions.

The guests were received in the Paris region at the Golf d'Ableiges hotel,…

Strube - Trial areas for field robots

Sugar beet trial areas for field robots

Again, we have sown our sugar beet seed on the trial plots for our field robots. In this article we would like to inform you about the details of the summer sowing.

Why was another sowing carried out?

We need young plants from the in the period between field emergence to the canopy closure, as…

Strube Saatzucht - BlueBob

First Prototyp: BlueBob picture gallery

We would like to introduce: our new innovation the BlueBob.
Take a first look at the robot for mechanical weed control in the following picture gallery.



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